Operation Proper Exit

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Operation Proper Exit is a unique initiative designed for Wounded Warfighters who are thriving in recovery and are capable of returning to theater. This program itinerary stages meet-and-greet opportunities with currently deployed troops as well as battlefield circulation returning the Warriors in many cases to the site where they were injured.

Because of the sense of brotherhood inherent in today’s military, this program not only provides a measure of closure but also a critical exchange of experiential information from the Wounded Warfighter’s perspective to the Warfighter currently deployed downrange. Additionally, Operation Proper Exit offers a unique opportunity for the returning Warriors to witness firsthand the progress in Iraq or Afghanistan that they, through their tremendous sacrifice, helped bring about. Since its launch in June of 2009, 67 injured service members have returned as part of Operation Proper Exit’s ten trips to Iraq and 67 service members have returned as part of the program’s fourteen trips to Afghanistan.

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