Operation Warrior Call

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The wounds of war, both visible and invisible, sustained by the force through multiple deployments have been well-documented. Many service members return from the battlefield facing a host of serious challenges. Once home, the possibility of becoming disconnected from their fellow Warriors can be acerbated simply by the challenges and demands of everyday life. Moving forward, the health of the Warrior community can be strengthened by Warriors staying connected to Warriors. In response, we have launched Operation Warrior Call.

Warrior Call PSA

Continuing communications between “battle buddies” redeployed home may be essential to transition out of the stress endured downrange. The comfort of knowing that a trusted friend who has also been “outside the wire” is a phone call away could mean the difference between a good decision and a bad decision on any given day. However, the call needs to be placed and the phone needs to be answered.

Operation Warrior Call is composed of three pillars:

Make the Call: The best advocate for a Warrior is another Warrior and lessons learned are valuable assets.

Take the Call: This is the best way to continue looking out for the Warriors on your left and right.

Be Honest: Situational Awareness can lead to a positive course of action.

For more information, please visit www.warriorcall.org.

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